If you have any other questions beyond what is written here just send us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.


Which areas of The Three Valleys do you cover - why is Courchevel not mentioned?

At the moment we only advertise our service for people staying in Les Menuires, Meribel, Saint Martin De Belleville and Val Thorens.  The reason for this is the size of the area.  We’re based in Les Menuires, so if you’re staying in La Tania or Courchevel which are quite far away, it may be later than 9.30am before we can start.

However, if you’re happy to hire us knowing that our start time may be more like 10-10.30am instead of 9.30am, just send an email through our contact form and we’ll see about arranging the best meet up point for you.


Where will we meet up on the day?

If you’re staying in Les Menuires, Meribel Brides Les Bains, Meribel Mottaret, Meribel Centre or Saint Martin De Belleville then our meeting place will be 3 Marches inside the Chalet Des Neiges restaurant.

If you’re staying in Val Thorens our meeting place will be at the top of the Plein Sud lift inside La Folie Douce restaurant.  

You can see where both locations are by looking at this piste map.  We'll aim to meet you by 9.30am at the latest, hopefully earlier.

If you're staying in Courchevel then you can either send us an email now so we can decide on the most convenient place for you, or we can do this once you've booked.  Again, please note that it may be 10-10.30am to reach you, depending on where you're staying. 

We’ll give you a call in the morning to let you know exactly where we are, and to guide you to the meeting point, if needed.


How long will we spend on the mountain?

If conditions allow, we’ll spend a minimum of 6 hours on the mountain with you each day.  But we’d like as much time as possible to get plenty of filming and photography done, so we’ll extend this time if we can.

Please be aware that any lift closures could make us (or you) later than our scheduled start time though.  Our ski // snowboard time could also be reduced by very bad weather conditions, or personal accident // injury.  As such situations are outside our control we request your understanding that we can’t be held liable for any time lost.

However, we commit to always being reasonable and will look at providing partial refunds or re-scheduled times where appropriate.


Do you offer guiding and instruction too?

No, this is purely a filming & photography service.  We’re not qualified as mountain guides or instructors.  We’re there to shadow you, wherever you choose to go - we won’t be guiding the group or instructing you on how to improve your skiing // snowboarding technique. 

So, we ask that you just stick to the runs where you're comfortable (even if you want to show off to your friends at home).

French guides and instructors are some of the best in the world.  So, if this is what you’re after, there are plenty to choose from in the Three Valleys region.  However, if you do hire a guide and want us to join you, we’re happy to do so if they are.


How long will our ski // snowboard movie be?

This really depends on how much time you’d like to spend on the mountain.  We've found that, on average, we can edit the footage to provide a quality finished movie that lasts between 10-15 minutes (including the photo reel).  But we may be able to extend this if you're the kind who likes to take the first lift up and the last lift down.


What about the soundtrack you use - can we choose our own?

As much as we’d love to, we can’t offer the option of adding simply any song you want on your film because of copyright and licensing laws (unfortunately Vimeo and YouTube recognise copyrighted songs straightaway so there’s no getting around this!).  However, be assured that we take music seriously - we see this as a core part of the creative process.  So we’ve made sure that we have a catalogue of great music which we can use.

We’ll be in touch once you’ve booked to send you a sample list of songs in our catalogue, asking you to choose your favourites.  This way we’ll get a feel for what kind of sound you like, and we’ll do our best to match these styles to your film.

We’ll also be sending you a ‘raw’ version of the footage we shoot so you’re free to add your ‘ideal’ soundtrack this way.  Just be aware that if you choose to do this you’ll be taking responsibility for observing the licensing laws in your own country - you won’t be able to share publicly, this would only be for private viewing and enjoyment.


When and how will we get our movie and photo reel?

Please allow up to 10 days for the final versions to be delivered to you.  Once ready, we’ll send you an email link to the files which can be downloaded from DropBox onto your computer directly.  These files will be sent to the person who made the booking, and anyone else you requested at the time you booked (others can be added later if you wish).    

We’ll also upload your movie to our Vimeo Pro FreeRider//Crew channel for easy sharing across social media.  This link will be private to you - unless you tell us when you book that you’re happy for it to be available for public viewing.


Can we go off-piste?

Absolutely, the whole mountain is your playground. Where you lead, we'll follow.

However, we do insist that you only ski // snowboard where you’re comfortable going.  We don't want you taking any risks just because you're on camera.  

To make sure you're covered in the event of any accident or injury you must have the right level of insurance cover (including off piste / backcountry if you plan to venture off the pisted trails).  We’ll ask you to sign a disclaimer to confirm this before heading out.


Do we still need medical insurance cover?

Absolutely, we won’t be able to take you out unless you sign the disclaimer to confirm that you have your own insurance cover.  So, please make sure you arrange this before you come out to the resort.  We enjoy riding hard, but it’s important to ride safe too.


Why don't you offer a half day?

We want to make sure you get enough footage in your movie to be worthwhile for you.  In our experience we've found it's best to film for at least one full day to give you a quality finished movie.  It's even better if you book for 2 days or more, but 1 day should be the minimum.


What happens if someone in our group is injured whilst riding?

Due to the nature of the sport we love it’s an unfortunate truth that accidents and injuries sometimes happen.  We can’t be held liable or responsible for any such event so we ask that you only ride in a way that’s suitable for your ability and experience.  Don’t worry about showing off on camera, we’ll make you look good.

Whilst our riders are all qualified in basic first aid, we’re not qualified to offer treatment - so in case of any injury we’ll call on the mountain patrol for support.  If any medical expenses are incurred, you’ll need to contact your insurer to get the money back.


Can we cancel or change our booking?

You can change your booking through your order confirmation email anytime up until 3 days before we’re due to meet up (so, if you’re due to meet us at 9.30am on the 25th of December, you can still change your date up until 9.30am on the 22nd of December).  After this time you won’t be able to change your booking.

If you cancel with more than 3 days notice you’ll be given a full refund.  If you cancel with less than 3 days notice, we’ll charge a 50€ fee (the rest of your money will be refunded).  

We charge this fee to stop people from booking blocks of days with the idea of cancelling if the weather’s not absolutely perfect.  We want to make sure all groups are given fair opportunity to choose the days that work the best for them.